I have made it to a quarter of a century! Ten years ago (oh my gosh…scary to type that), ten years ago, I thought my life would be very different at 25. I didn’t expect to accomplish a Master’s degree by 24, make a career out of my passion or to become a soon to be single mother to a baby boy. But, here I am at 25 still learning something new about myself on a daily basis!

If you aren’t following me on Instagram, you probably missed 24 facts for last year’s birthday. So, I decided to bring 25 random facts about me to you on the blog! Enjoy!

1. I want a farm filled with miniature animals. Pigs, goats, ponies you name it!
2. I seriously love Barbra Streisand
3. I wish I didn’t give up acting…is it too late to pick it up again?
4. I am a cheese snob
5. I always wanted a pixie cut…only if I had straight hair though
6. I love learning about cars
7. Patience is not my strongest virtue, but I am working on it
8. I hate running but I joined cross-country in college to challenge myself
9. Whenever I am nervous I always rub my nose
10. I have a chicken pox scar on my nose…I always forget what side it is on
11.  I am extremely shy EXTREMELY
12. No, I am not ignoring you, I just have tunnel vision
13. I use to hate being tall, now I love it (I’m 5’9″)
14. I really love school. I graduated high school early & graduated undergrad with honors
15. I have a potty mouth, but I am cleaning up my act
16. My favorite drink, vodka tonics
17. I can’t stand the heat, I love cold weather!
18. I always wanted to be a news reporter
19. I LOVE to eat…like you didn’t know that ha!
20. I am not a “chill” person. I love being active or working on a project
21. In junior high, I thought it was a great idea to get bangs, straighten them out while leaving the rest of my hair curly…bad idea
22. I hate talking on the phone AND texting
23. I am a jokester and a prankster…I love to laugh, laugh at others AND laugh at myself
24. When I was little I collected stickers…my entire door was stickered out
25. My hidden talent…I can talk in different voices/accents…I think I am pretty good at it

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