Refusing to wear workout gear to run errands, a simple go to uniform has made getting dress less stressful and more time efficient. Look less frumpy by these easy steps below!

Photography: Jesse Campbell
Shoes: Stella McCartney — Leather Jacket: River Island — Top: Club Monaco — Jeans: AG –Mommy or not, these 5 easy steps will assist you in looking your tailored while out and about.

1. Button up! I love my t-shirts, but a button up alone can make distressed denim into a chic outfit. Whether your button up is silk, polyester, cotton or a blend, BUTTON UP my dear and you are half way to looking like a fashion editor!

2. Dark Wash Denim! It just looks more polished, ripped or not, dark is more appealing to the eye.

3. Layers on Layers A leather jacket or a boyfriend blazer. Perfect layering pieces that complete a well balanced outfit.

4. Make a Statement! Display a pop of color, texture or print in your shoes or bag.

5. In a Rush!? Try wearing one solid color like all gray or all navy. Also, skip the jewelry (directed to new mamas) keep it simple with stud earrings or a delicate necklace and call it a day.

Need more inspiration to dressing stylish? Shop the look below!

Olivia Irene

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