When producing this look, I envisioned heels, Giuseppe Zanotti heels to be exact.


As you can see those Giuseppe heels photoed in the second to last photo did not make the cut, instead, a pair of slip on Vans made their debut.  Did I wear my Vans for comfort, maybe, but, I am kind of digging this look and the vibe it gave off….but that is just from my perspective.

Normally when wearing a tight fitting skirt that makes your ass pop, you want to compliment the rest of your lower half by showing a defined calf thanks to six inch stilettos. But what if you switch it up? What if you wear a sneaker and skip the sexiness for sportiness if you get what I am saying.  Why not approach your daily wardrobe with a different perspective on how you wear your outfit.

The result of wearing sneakers totaled out to be a success and of course happy feet. But also, it was something slightly unexpected with the mixed print and bold skirt.  Enough of what I think, what do you think of this new outfit approach?


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