Tomorrow, baby Elliott will be THREE WEEKS OLD!!!! Mind-blowing (and bittersweet) how quickly he is growing! I wanted to share a snippet of our current baby routine and some of Elliott’s likes and dislikes.

Newborn Sleep Routine: Baby E is a great sleeper…for now. We typically go to bed around 10 PM (trying to make his bedtime earlier) and he wakes up once typically at 5 AM…wonderful right?! Praying that he keeps up this beautiful routine! On a not so great night, he will wake up twice, typically at 1 AM and 3:30-4 AM for feedings. Tips/Tricks: I’m still trying to figure it out. But Elliott loves laying on my chest so…what I typically do after feeding and burping him is I softly pat his back while he is on my chest until he passes out and transfer him back to his bassinet. If that fails, I just hold him in the dark and play with his hair which knocks him back to sleep.
Newborn Eating Routine: This little boy is like his mommy…he loves to eat and does a happy dance when it’s time for food…no joke. He eats the most at night (hence the lovely sleeping routine) but eats small frequent meals in the day time.
Likes: * Looking at Paintings and Trees * Holding onto fingers (what a grip!) * Kisses * Classical Piano * Long Car Rides * Cuddling * Playing With His Hands * Adventures in the Stroller * Likes LOVES Grandma * Being Independent (he will push your hands away if you try to help him)
Dislikes: * Baby Swing * Short Car Rides * Swaddling * Mittens * My Dad’s Mustache
Well, E and I are going to visit Grandma at work! Bye for now!!!
Olivia Irene & E

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