Side profile of baby E! His  right hand is covering his eyes 🙂 

Ok, this isn’t cute or funny anymore. My little one is officially 12 days overdue making me 41 weeks and 5 days pregnant. On Tuesday the 14th, I was told that I had an “unfavorable cervix“. An induction was scheduled on St. Patricks Day, and as tempting as it was to finally meet my son, I wasn’t comfortable proceeding.

If you have read this post, you know that I had my heart set on a natural unmedicated birth. I wanted to give my son and my body a shot to see if nature would run its course. On Friday the 18th, I finally made progress and was dilating 1-2 cm however, I sit here today, March 21st still pregnant. When I meet with the doctor tomorrow I know it won’t be exciting to hear the word “induction” leave his lips, but…at this point, an induction doesn’t sound like a bad idea after all. Although I am praying that my body miraculously goes into labor between now and Thursday (Thursday is induction), I have accepted that things don’t always go as planned which sucks, but the goal is for a healthy baby.

So, how does it feel being overdue?
Like hell…hey, I’m being honest.

In the past 12 days, I had a nasty 4 day migraine episode which is why no one heard a peep out of me. Sleeping has been a challenge due to back aches and constant bathroom runs. BUT I  can happily say that I have been active. For the mommies to be who go past their due date, WALK WALK WALK! I seriously think that is why I started to dilate. Another tip for my mommies to be, yes, it is discouraging to still be pregnant. But just realize, there is an ending point and you are almost at the end! Think of how sweet it will be to finally meet you child!!! The wait will be so worth it in the end!
I promise that by this week there WILL be an update on baby E’s arrival…I don’t know exactly when or how, but he will be here by this week! Say big prayers for us and we will talk to you all soon!!!
Olivia Irene

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