At 38 weeks and 3 days with a total of 30 extra pounds predominantly in my belly, I am currently on baby watch.

“Are you ready?” is the common question that is asked on a daily basis. My response. “Hell no”. Although his nursery is 90% done, I am trying to mentally wrap my head around that I will always have a plus one for the rest of my life (yes, even when he is 40 years old, he will always be my plus one).  Am I scared? Hell yes. I am a planner and hate not knowing what to expect.
Since I am officially on maternity leave, I am taking the time to indulge in me time until baby E makes his appearance. That means treating myself to manicures, wandering in different cities, long drives, coloring, practicing guitar and eating out as much as I can.
Today I took the time to play with make-up, slip on one of my favorite dresses and wear heels to run errands with my mom. It was a bittersweet moment since this might be the last weekend where it is just her and I until our duo becomes a trio! Wish me luck my friends and I will update you as soon as he is here!
Olivia Irene

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