Vegan Gluten Free Crepe

Vegan Gluten Free Crepe

I am a sucker for some crepes.  However, I tend to forget how other people do not get the opportunity to indulge in my favorite treat. I have two best friends that are both gluten-free and one of them is also vegan (hi Kate, hi Gwen).  Whenever we want to grab food together, it can turn into a research project trying to find a restaurant of quality that offers vegan and gluten-free options. Well my friends, I am happy to share a wonderful place that I keep returning to that located in Santa Clara, Crepe Bistro.

Crepe Bistro is a kid friendly restaurant right off of the 880 freeway making it a convenient place to stop and grab a quick bite to eat. This Bay Area restaurant uses fresh organic ingredients (hallelujah), offers hearty portions and has an AMAZING staff. My favorite savory (buckwheat) crepe is the Garden Crepe and my favorite sweet crepe is the French Affection…oh, and get the house coffee, you will thank me later!


Olivia Irene

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