If you read my last post, I made a challenge with myself to invest in timeless pieces that would still be in style ten years down the line.

Fashion moves at a blink of an eye now a days. One minute a label or style is in and before you know it, poof, it’s out. Keeping up with what is “in”can be difficult on your wallet and closet space.    
If letting go of clothes is hard for you read this here.  
I have always wanted a Burberry trench.  I literally had three black trench coats similar in style hanging in my closet.  Since I have been ogling over the Burberry trench for quite some time, I decided to sell all of my black trench coats to help towards making my purchase for a classic trench justifiable. 
Was letting go of the three coats hard? Yes and no.  Letting go, I knew that I could finally get my hands on my lust item if I forked over the trendy pieces that were cute now but not so cute later.

What are you views on trends? Do you follow them?


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