casual chic outfit
Seriously…today had to be one of the most gorgeous days in San Jose.
I tend to get wrapped up in work and forget to break my structured schedule and literally stop and smell the roses.   Sunday was my opportunity to just do whatever the hell I wanted…but I had rules….it had to be fun and not work related.

fall booties
chic casual outfit

  I slept in for once (until 10 which is crazy late) put on my barista hat and whipped up a pumpkin spice latte while dancing to 90’s music and worked on created some music.
The sprinkles on the cake (better than frosting…I hate frosting) was being able to throw on a Forever21 men’s white tee paired with boyfriend jeans by Gap.  I don’t wear denim 5 days out of the week, so my weekend look has recently been pretty casual, and being able to rock an over-sized white tee OH MY GOSH heaven!  
What does your weekend look consist of? 

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