Guys, I am LIVID! I keep telling my baby bean to stop growing but he REFUSES to listen! He will be five months old in one week and I cannot believe where the time has gone! I wanted to share my confessions as a new (and single) mom.
Here we go:
Life: My life has been enhanced!!! Mom life is THEE best life hands down! I still manage to get shit done and do things that I love, but my priorities have changed for the better and so has my time management. When I was pregnant, I was petrified knowing that I would have a mini me with me forever…okay not forever, but for a while. I am the type of person that prefers being alone versus always being with a group or around another person all the time….I have always been like that since I was a child. The adjustment was not bad at all! In the beginning I just had to constantly remind myself to grab the diaper bag or to always have two or three extra pairs of onesies just in case he had a blow out. You know that statement, “Oh your maternal instinct will kick in.” It’s true. I thought I would not get this mother thing down, but honestly, a switch just went off when E was born and I am loving life more than ever!
Body Image: At five months postpartum, I am loving my body even though I am still not at my ideal weight with zero muscle. On the downside…I am starting to lose clumps on clumps on clumps of hair. I feel like I could have made a couple of wigs by now at the rate I am shedding…if only I could shed the baby chub as fast as my hair. Now for everyone’s favorite, STRETCH MARKS! I do have stretch marks on my stomach, however, they have lightened up a lot. I am not going into too much depth about how I deal with stretch marks because I plan to whip up a detailed post on my daily routine within the next week or so. For soon to be new mamas, it will be hard to gather the strength and energy to dress up let alone put makeup on at times. I had days where I said eff it and didn’t put a brush through my hair because I just about had it. BUT, it is SUPER important to at least dedicate five minutes to yourself. Whether it is putting on makeup, curling your hair or putting on a dress that makes you feel like a goddess. You have to dedicate at least five minutes to you. I found the days that I felt like crap were the days I dressed like it. Although it seems like it is time consuming to get ready, it will change your mood completely. Look good feel good is my motto!
Challenges: Every new mom has her own unique challenges. As a single mom, I am blessed to have an amazing supportive family that helps me out through thick and thin.  I am fortunate enough to have an AMAZING baby and no, I am not saying that because he is my baby. I will say at four months, Elliott decided that he was going to throw mommy off and not stick to his sleeping routine which was ROUGH. He went from waking up once at night (typically at 2-3 AM) to waking up twice (2-3 AM and then 4 AM)! I know I sound ridiculous to some moms out there who deal with waking up every two hours…but hey, like I said, every mom has her unique challenges. Aside from that, I honestly haven’t had anything major to deal with!
Moments: Elliott now enjoys sticking his tongue out, eating his and other people’s hands and saying his “mmm” and “b” sounds. His laugh guys, it will melt your heart. He laughs hysterically when you play peek-a-boo and whenever Elmo comes on. His favorite food of the moment are green beans…and speaking of beans, E loves to jump with all of his might like a jump-a-bean in his jumper. E loves to pet the dog and cat and he still doesn’t care for my dad’s mustache. Elliott is super duper quick and loves to flip from his tummy to his back and vice versa. E can move his eyebrows like mommy and always has a smirk on his face while holding his hands together like he is plotting something.
UGH! I feel like I am Peter Pan’s ambassador…Elliott, bean, don’t grow up.
Your Mom

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