As I continue to celebrate the final days of summer, I find myself scrambling and scraping up the last the bit of summer wear that is hanging on my clothing rack.

It was like these Pour la Victoire heels were meant for one of my favorite midi dresses that I plan to add more tulle to.

When purchasing this dress I received the question, “what event are you wearing this dress to?” From quick glance one might think I am attending an outdoor wedding, a baby shower or a summer birthday party, but no, I plan to wear this beauty on regular day….why not? This leads me to my next question that I have been asking myself this week.

Have I been restricting myself when it comes to my style?

The answer is yes.

Could it be the dress code structure from work that heavily influenced this negative affect on how I put together my wardrobe, my whereabouts, my mood or my laziness? The more I evaluate my style, the more I see on how I need to check myself before I wreck myself. This goes for my music too.

I have been on a creative hiatus. Sad right? I have gotten so caught up with a busy schedule between school, work, side projects and trying to always keep up with my family and friends that I neglected my creative outlets through music and fashion. I have been slapping together nonsense to get me through the day leaving my itch to create unfulfilled.

There are  no excuse as to why I have fallen off, but I can happily say that I have made a change starting today.  My goal is to create more and on a whole new level by challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone.  If I inspired others along the way awesome, but this is for ME. That means break my structured schedule and find time to explore and learn (aside from a textbook) something new daily.

I know I probably not the only one who has dealt with a creative block or felt uninspired at one point, but I encourage you to get back into your grove, screw what others think and be creatively free!

Happy Friday!

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