With one day left, I have a feeling baby E might not arrive on his due date (yes, I am crying inside). Although I am getting little impatient…okay, a lot, I try to remind myself to enjoy the last moments of walking around with a basketball belly at 39 weeks and 6 days.

This afternoon I waddled my way into Whole Foods to grab lunch with my mom. My outfit goal was all about comfort BUT to still look put together. I wore an organic Emerson Fry tunic dress (similar one here) paired with my favorite Zara loafers I purchased years ago with a vintage belt.

Looking forward to wearing my normal clothes again while holding my baby boy. *Sigh* stay updated with the baby watch if you follow my Twitterย and/or my Snapchat (Thebabyolive) and hopefully baby E comes sooner than later!

Olivia Irene

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