At 26 weeks pregnant, my obligation to wear color, let alone jeans have went out the window. It has been an enthralling situation to dress myself each week….especially now since I have never weighed this much in my life (18lbs up!). As much as I am relishing the last bit of my second trimester, the added pounds are making me just a tad awkward and muddled when I approach my closet.

 I have been playing it very safe…too safe, which is why I haven’t had the urge to post a catalog of outfit photos. BUT, I have spectacular news!!! I have graduated in the pregnancy department and purchased myself maternity jeans and dresses! I selected the staple necessities: boyfriend jeans, black skinny jeans, black dress etc. Once I receive my new clothes, you better believe I will post more outfit photos and show you how I rework the same item in various ways.

Stay tuned my friends, stay tuned and ladies, feel free to get a similar look below pregnant or not!!!

Olivia Irene

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