Did November really happen? Although it went by quickly, so much occurred during this wonderful month. I broke my favorite pair of AG jeans (not so wonderful), I turned 25, my brother turned 22, my parents celebrated 23 years of marriage and I ate a ton of stuffing and mash potatoes!!! I am officially 15 pounds up and no, it is not ALL from Thanksgiving 🙂

This weekend my family and I went to the Santa Cruz mountains to get our Christmas tree. The J. Crew leggings that I am wearing literally saved my butt while fitted tops have been my daily uniform.  As you can see, my body has drastically changed what feels like overnight. At 25 weeks I am now wearing leggings more than ever (hence the lack of outfit posts) and I am starting to accept that maternity jeans are going to be my best friend for the remainder of my pregnancy.
Can’t wait to share more posts on how I adapt to pregnancy and also my 1st trimester experience!
Olivia Irene

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