Imagine getting the Christmas gift of your dreams but you can’t touch it for less than 10 weeks. Yes my friends, the countdown has officially begun and I am not talking about the countdown clock for 2016.

Top: Express — Pants: J. Crew — Shoes: Aldo — Jacket: Gifted
I have less than 10 weeks until I meet the sweet boy that has been ricocheting like a pinball machine in my belly. As I am in my final trimester, I wanted to share with you a sliver of my second trimester experience. I am psyched to say that the second trimester was complete HEAVEN! My energy was through the roof and so was my appetite. Although I did experience some negative side effects such as: leg cramps in the evening, lower back pain and a limited wardrobe, I can say it is such an exhilarating moment to feel and see your baby move.
I cannot wait to share a more detailed post of my final trimester experience in the weeks to come! I hope everyone stays safe and I wish you all a Happy New Year!
Olivia Irene

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