For those who don’t follow my Instagram…I am having A BOY!!!! My second trimester has been a wonderful experience and at 22 weeks I am FINALLY showing a bigger baby bump!
Shirt: H&M — Jeans: ASOS — Leather Vest: philosophy alberta ferretti — Shoes: Elizabeth & James — Photography: Mats Gunnarsson Photography
I have been relying on long basic tops from H&M and button up jeans to, yes, wear a maternity band to hold my pants up 😛 I am still sticking to my challenge by rocking earth tones even though I slip in an all black outfit here and there 🙂
Since my skin has been going psycho, so I have been keeping make-up to a minimum. I plan to share a new skincare routine this week for all the expecting moms to test out.
Happy Hump Day!
Olivia Irene

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