At almost 33 weeks, with only two pairs of maternity jeans, two pairs of maternity leggings and oversized sweaters, my comfy (and no so chic) uniform was starting to get stale. I recently ran into a pickle when scrambling last minute for a dress in my closet. My thoughts while flipping through each piece of clothing, “Dear God, how do I have no maternity dresses!?”

I will admit that my limited maternity collection might not be considered as trendy maternity clothes, however, in my defense, they are staple pieces that are workable. Although one is pregnant for 9 months, my body did not drastically change until the 6th month. So, my logic, why purchase an abundance of maternity clothes at some expensive maternity boutique when I can only wear it for a limited amount of time? With welcoming a little one into the world, my budget has drastically changed in the clothing department to ensure that my baby boy will get the best of the best.
But at the end of the day, shouldn’t us women feel our best especially in how we dress? Well, we can without breaking the baby bank 🙂
I am happy that Pinkblush Maternity reached out to me during a time of desperation for a dress. After browsing their collection of cute maternity dresses, I found the perfect dress at the perfect (inexpensive) price that is PERFECT for transitioning from pregnancy to post pregnancy. I ended up choosing the mock neck swing maternity dress in navy (hurry, it’s selling out quickly). I went with a size medium which is true to size however, I am tall (5’9″) so the dress looks a bit shorter on me. But, once baby is out, I am positive that the dress will get a little longer since my basketball belly will be gone by March.
The reason why I decided to collaborate with Pinkblush Maternity is because they cater to EVERYONE. From nursing, to plus size to staying on trend, their selection is affordable and practical for every lady that is carrying life! I look forward to shopping with Pinkblush Maternity and thank you again for gifting me my new go to dress!
Olivia Irene

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