Temporarily ditching my gem tones for earth tones and my slouchy cardigans for long structured blazers to start off 2015.

Top: Urban Outfitters — Pants: Vintage — Shoes: Pedro Garcia (Cheyenne)
A 2015 closet clean out was bound to come (shop HERE).  If you follow me on Twitter, you may have saw a tweet stating, “You have a shopping problem when you pull stuff from your closet with tags and ask yourself when did you get this and why am I seeing this now?”
While I was scrapping the depths of my closet, I came across amazing pieces that left me bug eyed and howling “What the ****” in a room filled with donation bags and hanger scattered all over the floor.  
The amazing little surprises that kept showing up in my very own closet inspired me to wear my basic pieces with neglected pieces such as this dope blazer by Elizabeth and James.  If you already read this post, you know that I made a personal challenge to reinvent my style. 
I will keep you updated on more fun surprises!!!

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