Motherhood has brought out another side out of me. Although I may feel and physically look different, I feel sexier than ever and am embracing my sensuality. As previously stated in my past posts, I have my days where I am not feeling myself and want to hide under a rock in my pajamas.  But then I tell myself, “Take the extra time to do your hair rather than throw it in a bun”, or “Put on that mascara and swipe on some lipstick”.  I realize those little extra steps encourages me to express and push boundaries.

As a full time working stay at home mom to a 14 month old boy, I will not allow myself to lose myself. I will not lose my creativity because it is convenient or comfortable to just throw on something simple because it saves time or it is mindless.  I challenge myself to swap out workout pants for skinny jeans (or a pair of sexy pants) and if I do reach over for some sneakers, they better be dope.


Olivia Irene

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