It felt like I was captured into a Thomas Kinkade painting. Magical and surreal.

These photos don’t do Medoncino any justice.  
I know I have been behind on my posts (I apologize). After having a much needed vacation and having the time and quiet space to reflect on myself and life, I realized how our society cannot hit the stop button to breathe and take a break from go mode…which isn’t, I repeat, ISN’T good.  We are so caught up in living life through an app, tweets. photos and statuses and forget to enjoy the present. The life that surrounds all of us and the life that we are dependent on, do you truly enjoy it? For those who can truly answer yes, you are fortunate, I find that others, including myself at times, live through a computerized gadget which made me decide to go on a technology detox. So again, I apologize for long gap of not posting, but sometimes we all deserve and need a breather.
I am happy to say stay tuned for some outfit post, events, reviews and so much more 🙂

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