For the past couple of days my ass has not checked into the gym.  I surrender with my hands up.  I have made lame excuses as to why I can’t attend ujam or why it is okay to cheat with sweets and bread.

Every since my birthday (which was in November by the way) I have let the holiday food, work and my busy agenda get the best of me.  
I have noticed my energy level has hit its all time low.  Could it be the lack of sleep, the busy days that I face everyday, the amount of homework I have to complete late at night which consumes my gym time? 
Yes, I could use those facts as an excuse easily…and then I realize, I am not the only individual with a busy schedule.  It is my choice to put my health first or to let myself go.
Now, I am not a nutritionist, trainer or doctor.  But I am sure in tune with my body and believe that EVERY BODY is different from everybody’s.   
First step to getting back on track.  Recognizing where you went wrong.  I started an amazing job that feeds me amazing things.  Unfortunately, those amazing things aren’t amazing for my health. Food is fuel and creating a balance is going to bring balance to your overall health.  
My check list for this week is to consume more water, cut the sugar and get to stepping.  Yes, I am human and have fitness goals on how I would like to look, but is it healthy? This time, I am doing things a bit different. I am not driving to the gym to pump a shit load of iron for a quick fix.  I am starting with what I put into my body and making it a lifestyle.  
The second step is consistently taking care of my body through exercising and yoga which I will write about in another post!
What is your bad health habit and how have you kicked its butt? Talk to you soon!

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