It is no where near the weekend, but that does not obstruct my mental fashion board that tends to generate when I am anxious for a ladies night. 

Photography: Alycia Creative 

I acknowledge that everyone has their personal preference on how they want to look when going out. Some people let their alter ego come out, some may just want to be more conservative, I get that, do you.  But when I go out, I notice that I have strayed away from dresses and leaned more toward fitted pencil skirts. 
One, I have gained some weight, so let’s face the music and two, I just feel sexier in a fitted skirt, the modern day (and fashionable) Goldilocks might say, “not too casual, not to dressy, just right.”
I would wear this particular outfit (Topshop top, vintage skirt and Christian Dior heels) to a lounge such as Era Lounge in Oakland, Loft in San Jose or a bite to eat at Straits or Sino in Santana Row
What are your favorite hot spots to go out to?

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