When nausea strikes, it can throw anyone’s daily routine off.  I never experienced morning sickness….I experienced 24/7 sickness from week 6 to week 11 of my pregnancy.

Let me remind my old readers and inform my new readers that I enjoy food A LOT and eat A LOT, I can’t emphasis more than that.  Without blowing my baby secret, it was incredibly difficult not to frown at food which left people suspicious since most are aware of my colossal appetite.
Things that were once beloved were suddenly repulsive: coffee, eggs, sweets (how?), meat (fyi, I don’t eat anything on four legs) and anything with flavor which meant all types of cuisines and basically anything with sauces or seasoning.  Figuring out what I could eat without gagging was a challenge. My hope is to help new pregnant mothers who can’t seem to keep anything down back to there daily routine! First step to getting rid of morning sickness!
Before we get into this, the BIGGEST key is mindset! Realize you are creating life and you need fuel for you body.
5 Tips that helped me kick nauseas booty!
1. Ginger – I don’t drink soda, but Canada Dry Ginger Ale saved my butt a couple of times. Alternative to soda, cut up fresh organic ginger and infuse it in ice or hot water or mineral water. In the evening I would sip on spicy ginger tea with fresh basil.
Tip: Still no relief? Try adding mint, basil leaves and/or lemon slices.
2. Pretzels, Saltines or Dry Toast– I would snack on these before bed, in the middle of the night and ate a handful as soon as I woke up in the morning. I knew if I ate a few pretzels before a meal, I would be able to put down real food.
Tip: Can’t bring yourself to eat. Take a deep breath. Remember, you need fuel and this feeling is temporary. Break up the crackers/pretzels into tiny pieces and drink it down with your iced water/ginger ale.
3. Prenatal Scheduling – I found that my nausea was less intense in the morning if I took my prenatals in the evening.  The prenatals that I love is New Chapter.
Tip: Changed your schedule but still no changes in nausea? Maybe it is time to try a new prenatal brand.
4. Ice Cold Water – I found that drinking ice cold water throughout the day help tremendously. Not only do we ladies need to stay hydrated, but the coolness help ease the urge of wanting to gag.
Tip: Use a straw and take baby sips. Don’t chug your water, trust me.
5. Cool Environment – With nausea, I always experienced hot flashes. I live in the Bay Area and it has been a hot summer. Get in front of a fan/ac or use a cold compress if you start to heat up.
Tip: Dress in layers! You don’t want to be stuck in a thick top that you can’t take off.
7. Support – Whether it is from your partner, family, friends, or someone at work, communicate and let them know how you are feeling. It doesn’t take away the physical pain, but it sure does help with emotional pain. It can be frustrating not being able to go about your normal daily routines.
Tip: Can’t seem to find someone to confide in, utilize your nurse/midwife, forums with expecting mothers or try counseling.
8. Take a Break – There were days I just couldn’t go into work or commit to plans. It bothered me whenever I missed work or canceled on someone last minute, but, you have to do what is best for you, your body and most importantly your baby. It is ok to step away and catch up on sleep or to take it slower than usual at work or doing a normal activity, your body is changing rapidly!
Tip: You must listen to your body. I found that when I listened and slept more, I felt more refreshed and willing to eat more.

9. Small Meals – When you are final able to eat, eat small portions frequently. Having food in my belly consistently not only gave me energy, but helped kiss nausea goodbye.
Tip: You must eat breakfast or it might be downhill from there, take it from me.

10. What is your personal tip? – Expectant mothers, feel free to share below, on social media or email me and let me know what worked for you!

Hope my tips worked for you as it did for me!!!
Olivia Irene

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