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Les Bizous Grilled Octopus and Saffron Paella

It’s Friday night and after a long work week, the sound of good food…and I mean, GOOD FOOD, the type that is invigorating on your palette is the least you can do to treat yourself.

Walking on University Avenue, (Palo Alto, CA) a lovely street filled with mouth-watering eateries that are one on top of another can make selecting a restaurant a bit of a challenge. I ended up having a mommy’s night out at Les Bizous in downtown Palo Alto and man oh man, the food hit the spot!

My friend ended up having the Roasted Rack of Lamb (which she enjoyed), but since I don’t eat anything on four legs, I opted out for Grilled Octopus for the starter and the Saffron Paella for my entrée. Both plates were AMAZING and filled with so much flavor. I would order these plates again in a heartbeat.  I cannot wait to make another trip back to Les Bizous to try something different on the menu! This intimate place is in the heart of downtown Palo Alto and is not family friendly to small children in my eyes, however. It is a perfect spot for a date night or to grab a delicious meal with friends…fyi, sit outside, SO MUCH BETTER!


Olivia Irene

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