Since the heat has made an appearance in the Bay Area, my shift dresses decided to make an appearance on my 7 week postpartum body this week.

Since I don’t do well with heat, fitted clothing is completely out of the question for the summer. I am excited to live in the “Close Call” shift dress by Tobi and other shift dresses like the “Sweet Intentions” Sheath Dress and the “Lex Oversized” Tee Dress.

My personal 2016 summer trend that I plan rock daily consist of, white dresses, palazzo pants and yes, crop tops. I continue to embrace my body even though it is not 100% back to normal. Now that I am 7 weeks postpartum, I plan to hit the gym and claim my abs back for bikini season! Are you ready for summer?!

Olivia Irene

Photography: Jesse Campbell
Sponsored by Tobi

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