Easily mistaken for a hermit, it was my first time at Subzero in downtown San Jose last night!

Not knowing what to expect, I did not expected the warm (almost summer) night to drop in tempature making me regret not grabbing a cardigan when I darted out the door.  Good news, there were different retail venues less than a foot away, one being my favorite, Black & Brown where I picked up this dope throw over that ended up being my blanket for the rest of the evening.  
I knew it was going to be warm today, but it didn’t stop me from wearing this throw over again to work dressing up my black simple mini dress with brown ankle boots.  Earth tones are slowly taking over again, I can’t help it!  
I decided to whip up a little something something for you ladies who struggle with the same struggle I go through, breaking up neutrals or adding a little pizzazz to your neutrals. I understand some of the selections are completely out of budget, but, it give you an idea and some inspiration!

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