Greetings from Mendocino! I had to share one of my favorite passing spots when driving up north along the coast of California.

Photos by my mammy aka mom

Dressing in layers is the key to staying comfortable (in my opinion).  Since it was warm in San Jose, a tank, skinny style denim and ankle booties were my basic go to with a thick infinity scarf
Note the word basic. 
When traveling, I don’t like to think, let alone think of what outfit I am going to wear.  Since it is so much cooler in Northern California, I rocked the scarf loosely around my neck which resulted to wrapping myself in it like a blanket when my mother and I arrived at our destination. 
Stay tuned this week because I will be sharing a lot more photos of my trip! If you aren’t following me already…add me on Instagram AND Snapchat (username: Thebabyolive).
Did I mention one more week until I am done with grad school!? Do you know what this means?!?! More posts!!!! YIPPEEEEEE!!!!
Olivia Irene

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