I am almost four months postpartum and I am starting to feel like my old self again. As I gain back my energy, I make sure to take the time to workout at least twice a week. If I don’t get a chance to hit the gym, I workout at home which I will get more in depth with in an upcoming post next week!
Since I am finally coming out of my shell, ย I am starting to wear items that I once had a love affair with….crop tops, tanks and curve hugging clothing. Although I still miss my pre-pregnancy waist line and abs, I am embracing my motherly curves and will continue to remind myself that it took 9 months to grow a human being and it might take 9 months for my body to recoup.
Keep you posted!
Olivia Irene
Bay Area Photographer: Kellan Rogers
Top: ASOS — Skirt: The Line by K — Shoes: Prada

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