“Thank God I don’t have kids” said me 26 weeks ago….literally 26 weeks ago. Now let’s rewind back to when I didn’t know I was pregnant. I was a 24 year old newly single young lady who just walked the stage in San Diego with a Master’s in hand. I was on cloud nine and I had my whole life planned out….

Traveling internationally, whipping myself into the best shape of my life, getting more involved with the community, buying a home and working on a business of my own was just the introduction on this lengthy list of mine. Shit sounds great huh? Well, fast forward 26 weeks (real time) and now all I can’t stop thinking and talking about is getting to meet the little chubby bald man of my dreams in 14 weeks.

So when did I really find out I was pregnant? I knew I was pregnant without taking the test at 5 weeks. My boobs ached, I had to pee every 30 minutes, I felt like I ran a marathon damn near everyday and the aroma of delicious coffee disgusted me. I was petrified to take the test in fear that my nightmare had indeed came true. At 6 weeks, I took the test at work in the bathroom stall (bad idea) and called my mom shaking after reading what I did not want to read….positive.  How did this happen? Well, we know the answer to that but….I have PCOS! A couple months before I conceived, I went to the doctors who were amazed (in a negative way) at how many cysts were on my ovaries. Anyone who is dealing with PCOS knows that getting pregnant normally requires medical assistance and if you do get pregnant, beware of the long list of complications. So for those who were mad that I told the news so late, now you know why I had to keep the biggest secret of my life to myself until I entered in my second trimester at 13 weeks and received the okay from my doctor.

Now let’s dive into my first trimester experience since I had label this post as “First Trimester”. My first trimester was the most challenging weeks of my entire life. No, I am not exaggerating. Going through this journey as a single soon to be mother has been the hardest thing I have ever been through emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Luckily, I had my crazy, yet amazing, supportive family help me through the roughest time of my life. What a high low I went through in such a short time span? From being on cloud nine to feeling and looking like pure shit. I stated to everyone that this pregnancy would be my first and my last.  Let me give you a taste of normal first trimester symptoms, but times my pain by 10:

– Cramping
– Nausea
– No Energy
– Brain Fog
– Insomnia
– Depression
– Migraines

I lost about 10 lbs. during my first trimester because eating was so difficult for me (read my trimester tips HERE). I also was almost sent to the hospital twice due to migraines (please don’t confuse a headache with a migraine). Ever since I was five years old, I would get cluster migraines. I knew that I couldn’t take my prescription while pregnant and as soon as I consulted the nurse on what to do if I did get a migraine, guess what happened….yep, I got one. As much as I refused, I unfortunately had to take medication prescribed by my doctor to not put stress on the baby since I really couldn’t eat, drink let alone function properly….luckily this only occurred a few times. I wanted to avoid taking medications at all cost and found alternatives to alleviate headaches and other pains.  My secret, getting acupuncture once a month and visiting the chiropractor once a week. Three months later and no migraine!!!

As much as I want to say how wonderful my first trimester was, I can’t…it was pretty horrible but, it was so worth it. This is my first pregnancy but this is definitely not my last. Looking back at 26 weeks, I have changed drastically as a human being. The love for my body, women, life AND DEAR GOD MY MOTHER (I love you mama!!!) has evolved into something far greater than I can explain to you in this post. To all the women who are or trying to get pregnant, you are in for a life changing experience! I can’t wait to share my second trimester experience with you next week as I say goodbye to my second trimester and say hello to my third trimester!

Olivia Irene

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