From all the posts about quality/staple/investment pieces you probably don’t want to read another post on how important it is to have all of thee above. That’s okay, I don’t blame you…

Photos By: Jenna
At the end of the day, fashion should be fun.  Waking up and putting on something that just calls your name is how I love to start my day.  Sadly, I only have a two day pass to get away with wearing the trendy crop tops, maxi skirts and other fabulous (and inappropriate for work) things that have to come to an end Sunday evening.

I am wearing Vince Camuto shoes paired with a navy pleated skirt that was thrifted and only cost five dollars! Hell yes! Five dollars, no better deal than that!!!!

Despite having the golden items aka staple pieces aka investment pieces hanging in your closet….there are no true rules in fashion.  Yes, even the rules for the staple pieces.

Fashion is like art. Every artist has their own style and their own take on things and like art, there are no rules.

Do not let one person or a group of people dictate what you should wear or what is considered fashionable.  Yes, you want to wear clothes that are flattering and compliment you however you are the artist and your body is your canvas.  Pick up the brush and create something that you understand and love. Experiment, evolve and embrace. As long as you love how you look you are golden.



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