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As I stated in my previous post, I am nut job when it comes to selecting quality skincare and make-up. I will not (and never) settle when it comes to the ingredients that sit on top of my face especially while being pregnant.

Wearing Gabriel Cosmetics Moisturizing Liquid Foundation: True Beige — Dual Powder Foundation: Medium Beige — Lipstick: Clay
After attending the Whole Foods Market Glow event in Palo Alto, I was able to play around with amazing products that have promptly made it into my daily make-up routine. I am not into wearing heavy make-up and was a little hesitant in testing out the Gabriel Dual Powder Foundation in combination with the moisturizing liquid foundation in fear that I would look cakey. But lo and behold, my make-up not only looked natural vs. cakey, but it was so light on my skin and did not leave me with breakouts at the end of the day which I typically happens when my skin freaks out over poor ingredients.
That’s why I only shop for organic makeup!
Since my day typically starts with a rigid schedule of waking up at 6 AM daily, I am normally half asleep while doing my make-up which means I avoid attending to my sleepy eyes 90% of the time. So, in lieu of eye-makeup, I have been taking the extra step to add some color to my lips.  I la la LOVE this Gabriel lip color called clay. Since a pink lip isn’t really my thing and red is daring to wear at times, this muted brown plum color is my favorite lipstick to wear on a daily basis when I want to look put together.
So when you are in Whole Foods next time, stop by the Whole Body department to not only test out Gabriel Cosmetics that is organic, vegan and gluten free, but other natural cosmetics that appeal to all you make-up lovers!
Olivia Irene

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