asymmetrical skirt
I have those mornings were I feel like Beyonce and want to wear something bold and edgy.  Then I remind myself, “Olivia, put down the leather pants, don’t touch the funky skirt and don’t you dare try putting on that asymmetrical sheer blouse…you have work!” 

asymmetrical skirt

asymmetrical skirt
I have been playing it safe lately…well…I have to.
Adjusting to my job has been easy peasy in some ways and heartbreaking in others. Adjusting to a more conservative environment kinda sorta limits you on what you would like to wear. Playing it safe equals to neglecting fabulous things that now look fabulous on a lonely hanger (in my eyes). When Kate was over at my house I whipped out this outfit…at first we both looked at each other like, “where are you going with this Olivia”, but after giving this no form top a waistline and breaking the fashion rule with white shoes, I decided that this is my time to break out and start having some fun with my clothes again.
To be continued….

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