I would be lying if I told you that I am happy with my post baby body.
I have days where I embrace my body and days where I am completely self conscious. I have moments where I am uncomfortable when staring at a mirror and seeing how an outfit that once flattered my body now looks completely different and accentuates areas I want to keep hidden. There are times where I want to throw out my entire closet but apart of me is telling me to stop and be gracious to myself. I know I am not the only lady out there who just had a baby that feels this way….which is why I am writing this. I take it day by day since each day is different. On the days where I feel shitty, I look at my little one and tell myself, “Oh yea, I just gave birth to a nine pound little human three months ago, how dope is that?!”. For my ladies out there struggling with their outer appearance thing, keep reflecting what you just did, it helps I swear.
This outfit was COMPLETELY outside of my comfort zone. I probably sound silly to those who know me because this outfit that consist of silk pants and a bodysuit would be my summer uniform prior to pregnancy. Since my body is a current struggle for me, I plan to challenge myself and show you how I wear beloved pieces that have been sitting in my closet for the past 9 months. Moving forward, I am changing my mindset. Easier said than done, but seriously…it starts with the mind. Feeling sexy isn’t defined by what you wear, but how you wear = hold yourself. Whether you are butt naked or covered up head to toe. If you own it, you are it.
Olivia Irene

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