what to wear after birth
Last Friday morning, I grabbed a pair of high waisted Levi’s 501s and squealed when I was able to slip them pass my thighs (YES!), then pass my butt (YES!), but when it was time to button around the waist…oh no.

what to wear after birth
what to wear after birth
what to wear after birth
Photography: Jesse Campbell
Leather Skirt: Vince — Top: J. Crew — Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
I am 10 pounds shy of my pre-pregnancy weight at 5 weeks postpartum. However, despite getting back to my natural weight, my body lost a lot of muscle tone (actually all of my muscle tone) hence the struggling waist line. For women who were excited like me to slip back into their pre-pregnancy clothes but were sadly disappointed, take a deep breath and remind yourself, you gave birth to a beautiful baby, so take it easy on yourself.
So what do you wear after you give birth and how do you dress your post pregnancy body? Well everyone, I am going to show you for the next few weeks! I believe that moms shouldn’t have to give up their personal style after giving birth. I also believe that there is no reason not to dress up after having a baby…you know that saying, “Dress good, feel good”, I try and apply it daily, even with a shitty night’s sleep.
With the look above, I wanted to wear heels…but went with a chunky heel so I wouldn’t kill myself. If you are comfortable with wearing stilettos while carrying your baby, I am impressed!  Now, I found that dresses showed most of my lumps and bumps which I did not want to highlight…so I went with a skirt. I found that with skirts, I was able to wear tops that fell in the right places while highlighting my legs. Whether it is your legs, chest, arms, booty, HELL your waist, show off what you are proud of and embrace your body!
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