Helmut Lang Coat
I like to use the term, quality over quantity….not only in fashion, but also in life. 

Helmut Lang Coat
For those who are on a budget, sometimes high end designer purchases can be out of the question. But when coming across a timeless piece that screams out your name and fits you like the glass slipper did on Cinderella’s foot, I believe you should dive into your purse and splurge.
Helmut Lang Coat
I knew I had to get these Manolo Blahnik cheetah print slingback not because Carrie Bradshaw waltzed around in the designer shoe in Sex and the City, but because I have never found a cheetah print let alone a slingback shoe that I just adored.  What sold me? Print, style and the fact that I had no other shoe like that in my closet.

Manolo Blahnik Cheetah
Top: Forever21 — Pants: H&M — Shoes: Manolo Blahnik — Coat: Helmut Lang
Now the Helmut Lang coat….when I first saw it I didn’t know who made it. I said to myself, “That coat needs to be on my back NOW”, until I saw the price.  I freaked. I tried it on, freaked again, saw that it fit like a glove, took it off, hung it back on the hanger and bolted out the door before I touched my wallet.  I waited and pondered for a week until I made the decision to purchase it. What sold me? Fit, color, material and style.
I am very content with my go to labels that I wear on a daily basis such as J. Crew, DVF, Zara and Theory because I like their style and how they mold to my body.  Yes, I still shop at H&M, Urban Outfitters and Forever21 and there’s nothing wrong with that, but I tend to shop at those particular store for trendier pieces that won’t necessarily be “in” in the next year or two.  Why invest in something that is limited?  INVEST in classic pieces that will last a lifetime.

I am in the process of creating a video on this…I can write a novel on this topic….
To be Continued.



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