Just go back from a little adventure in San Diego Botanic Gardens this afternoon!
These photos were taken before I lost my shit after encountering an uninvited frog. I don’t know why, but I am extremely freaked out by them. Before screaming in tears (yes…..I know…) my mother and I had such a peaceful moment by my favorite flowers….lotus blossoms.
Before hitting the garden, we stopped to get a latte and a lemon crepe at French Corner in Encinitas which I HIGHLY recommend if you are ever in that vicinity.
My outfit isn’t that special as much as my Chanel espadrilles that I nabbed on Poshmark (can I say DEAL DEAL DEAL)!!! I packed simple and stuck to dresses for my 4 day stay in San Diego. Can’t wait to share more photos with you this week!!!
Time to walk the beach!
Olivia Irene

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