As most of my readers know, I am a busy body and sitting still is not an option for me.

It has been twenty minutes since I have walked through the door and instead of jumping into my pjs, I decided to cut up apples slathered on peanut butter, whip out computer and talk about my 2nd favorite pair of boots (my ultimate favorite boots are here). 
Monday evening I knew that I had another event to attend in San Francisco…did I prepare and plan for an outfit to avoid rushing to work…hell no.
When I rolled out of bed this morning my mind went blank (as always) staring at my closet. “What in God’s green earth do I wear to work that is still dope to wear to an event?” My answer, all black everything. But not just anything.  
I picked out a fitted skater dress by Laundry by Shelli Segal, a wool waterfall thrifted cardigan that I belted and my favorite score, over the knee black suede boots by ASOS (similar ones HERE)….guys, it took me forever to find a true over the knee boot that didn’t cut at my knee cap for my long legs.  Since I was too lazy to do my hair, a silk scarf saved me!
Now, about my night!
The event itself was okay…it did not make or break my night but exploring the city was a treat as always.  It was a refreshing much needed night that consisted of window shopping while accidentally wandering in a district that Kate and I tried to avoid in our attempt to find a good cup of tea.  It was a pleasant and unexpected surprise to come across this beautiful building with rich, intricate tiles throughout that steps that were crying out to be photographed…with my boots 😉
Any other cool buildings in Sf? Hope you have a lovely night!

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