Do you notice anything different about my blog? Go ahead, take your time to quickly scan the homepage. Here’s a hint, it’s discreet but VERY drastic.

 Shirt: Tobi — Shoes: Banana Republic
I changed the name of my blog and committed to a domain! Goodbye RIO the Dreamcatcher and hello RIO by Olivia Irene! Throughout the years of blogging, my public creative journal has slowly evolved into something that is very dear to me.  I started this blog for me, not for readers, not for brands and not for money.  Slowly, I fell into a hole of trying to work with different companies, gain readers while neglecting the whole purpose of this blog…. my source of a creative outlet! For those who are new to my blog, I started blogging while I was completing my undergrad as a way for me to express myself while I lived in Belmont with no car.
On to the next now.
I am shifting my blog a bit by showing more of myself as an artist without boundaries.  My care about portraying myself as a perfect blogger who eats macaroons everyday with fresh flowers in her Celine bag while traveling the world without a care has gone out the window.
As much as I would love to eat macaroons on a daily basis, I can’t because I wouldn’t be able to fit in my jeans, I would kill my fresh flower by forgetting to check the water in the vase and no way in hell do I feel comfortable spending over 2k on a bag when I am in grad school saving up to own a house.  I am an artist, fighting for what I love to do and that is to create.  
Since I am at the end of grad school (4 more weeks!!!!) I have been making an effort to provide quality photos and rich text even though I catch myself time to time half assing a post or two due to being in a rush with life. So, from here on out…no more excuses! I have been making a priority to set more time to the side to focus on my creative side and  to show ALL of me as an artist.
Watch me because, here I go 🙂

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