Shout out to all the amazing mothers all day everyday! Sunday was dedicated to having too much coffee, laughs and a late family lunch in Capitola.

This is technically my second time visiting Shadowbrook…my first memory is nonexistent since it happened when I was a wee lass at the tender age of 2. 
The service, drink and of course…the food was off the chain. My family waddled out to the gondola ride (yes a gondola ride) completely satisfied on this beautiful Sunday.
 Now about the look….I was feeling all the colors of the rainbow and decided to wear a colorful crop top by Nastygal x Mink Pink (try a similar one here), a purple J. Crew skirt (similar style here), teal J. Crew heels and a thrifted light washed denim jacket.
Hope everyone is treating their mama right and have a lovely rest of your weekend!
Olivia Irene

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