Boggled that I am welcoming March wearing silk summer dresses and nude chunky heels.

Dress: Joie — Shoes: Kork Ease
Shopping secret alert…when I shop, I never shop for the present season. Even though it doesn’t feel like winter, I am shopping for summer. And when summer hits, you won’t see me in the bathing suit section…you will find me with coats and boots in hand.
Why? You find great deals and get first pick!
But…I find myself here and there tilting my head as my eyes shift up towards the ceiling asking myself, “Why am I wearing my summer clothes now???” 
To be honest, I am not even a summer person. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will always find that one post of me complaining about the heat.  I am a bit disappointed that San Jose did not experience a true winter, however, I am enjoying this almost too good to be true weather! I have still been inspired to wear neutrals, chunky strappy heels and light fabrics such as silk.  
For those who are in the Bay Area, what are your thoughts on this weather and how has it affect your wardrobe?!

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