I don’t know about you, but when the Bay Area experiences hot weather, I do not like to wear pants.

But….when I do want to wear pants, I steer away from the slim fits to avoid feeling suffocated by the fabric locking in my sweat and body heat.  It took awhile for me to dabble into looser fitting clothes and finding what looks best with my body type, but after experimenting with different styles and brands I realized what works best.
At one point I hated linen since it is known to wrinkle no matter how many times you iron it.  But the beautiful thing about linen is that it keeps me cooler.  The style of pants I tend to go for requires a drawstring or a cinched waist with the relaxed fit all around (Palazzo Pant). Also another option to test out is the jogger which is a huge trend that I see on a daily basis paired with a crop top!
What do you think about loose fitting clothes?


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