I have yet to travel to the East Coast, but one might think I am from there with all the coats I own. Am I the only one that has an obsession for cuddly, warm things that make an outfit?!?! 

Photos By: Jenna
While walking around the mall with my mama, I spotted this coat from afar and swore up and down I would buy it if it fits….the coat was a perfect fit alright, but the price just did not fit well with me. I was pretty disturbed putting it back on the hanger and leaving it behind.  I waited a week to see if I really wanted it…..and of course. I did. so I tried to hunt it down online and in stores which resulted in a complete fail leaving me wanting to kick myself in the butt for trying it on in the first place.

Loe and behold when Christmas came though…yes my friends, need I say more?

I danced around in a little circle when I unwrapped this little beauty amazed at how my mother managed to beat me to the punch! I swear she is Superwoman in disguise….

I paired this coat with my new favorite J. Crew button up, AG jeans and Steve Madden Pumps to put a twist to this simple casual look. I can’t wait to wear this faux fur coat in the evening on a cold evening in the city this coming week!

Merry Monday!



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