I didn’t have a New Year’s resolution set in place for 2015. Since I’m not thinking about food, last minute gifts or traveling, I was able to settle down and pick a challenge, improvement and a goal.

My challenge for myself, invest in timeless pieces and put a halt to trendy styles.  That means closet clean out (shop my closet here) and possibly reinventing my style.
My improvements, time management.  I am consumed with a lot of commitments such as grad school, work, blogging etc.  Utilizing and prioritizing my time wisely is something I can definitely improve on.
My goal, to inspire those around me and to go hard for my dreams.  This ties back into time management. I found that I always pushed my dreams to the side for my commitments.  This time, no excuses.
Do you have any challenges, improvements or goals for 2015…oh and I dyed my hair black!

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