If you had asked me a year ago to go vegan for a day, I would have overreacted with my mouth gaping, eyes popping out of my head with a panic shake. My response probably would have been “I would die” ending with a hell no.

Although I am passionate about my food, I made the decision six years ago to break up with pork and beef hashtag easy peasy, hashtag thank the Lord!  I dabbled in vegetarianism but wouldn’t formally convert because there were times where I wanted some barbecue chicken or a turkey avocado sandwich. I started to challenge myself to cut back on meat as much as possible and it did the body well (health wise).
Now getting into the vegan lifestyle.  
Like I said in the beginning of this post, if someone would have challenged me to be vegan for a day, I probably would have failed. When I first met my good friend Kate who is vegan and gluten free, she showed me how to think outside of the box when it came to cooking, shopping and ordering food. Not only am I now comfortable going vegan for days on end, but I am confident in cooking vegan dishes that make me question, is this really vegan.
Now onto gluten free foods.
I have been on a special diet (no grain no dairy) for five months due to health reasons which I will get into in another post….but, I am slowly getting back to grubbing on grains however, I stick to gluten free products because my nutritionist and I think I may have a gluten sensitivity.
Now onto these delicious photos!
Kate, Gillian and Ngoc and I caught up at Plant Based Pizza as you saw in this post here. Here is the list of vegan gluten free dishes we ordered: Mine ( Pizza: Mediterranean Style Slices) Kate & Gillian (Pizza: Five Level Veggies GF Crust ) and Ngoc (Jamaican Jerk Hamburger and a Kale Smoothie)
Can’t wait to go back!

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  1. Olivia, you are so quick to write these posts! Talk about up to date. That was such a yummy lunch. I love the photos you took!

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