Last time you saw me in these wool pants I had a slightly different look


These pants were my mother’s when she was my age.  She gifted me these fabulous pants when I was in high school and my reaction…a scrunched up face paired with a question and snarky comment, “Where will I wear these and these aren’t in style.”
What was considered “in style” at that time were hip huggers from Hollister or Joe’s that were tucked in to a chestnut Ugg boot. Funny right.  Well, here I am after my high school days rocking these pants everywhere in the Winter without a care if wide leg is in style or not.
I use to always wear a fitted turtleneck or basic t-shirt tucked into these pants.  After doing a deep cleanse in my closet, I came across my dope leather crop top from ASOS (similar one HERE) and thought, “why not?” 
This might be my favorite 2015 look so far.  Simple yet edgy, just the way I like it.

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